Organization start, transition, finish

Race starts

The start is of type rolling and is given from the vaporetto boats.

To start, competitors must board the vaporetto from the Vasile Pârvan station (Michelangelo bridge). The station is located 400m upstream of the transition and is easily accessed from the transition by following the course of Begăi, upstream.

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The boarding schedule is as follows:

-competitors for SPRINT – 07:40

-competitors for the OLYMPIC – 08:10

-competitors for HALF – 08:55


It is the competitors' obligation to board on time. The boat does not wait for late competitors - they will not be able to start.

The wardrobe bags with clothes, shoes, other items that the competitors have with them before the start will be stored on the pontoon, when boarding the vaporetto, and the organizer will take them to the recovery area at the finish. From there they can be picked up by contestants based on the contest number.

The organizer is not responsible for valuables left in wardrobe bags. Do not take phones, jewelry or other valuables with you.

If you discard the neoprene, do not store it in the wardrobe bags. leave it in the allocated box from the transition.


Start time: 08:00

Location: Corneliu Coposu Boulevard no. 36

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Start time: 08:30

Location: Splaiul Nistrului 7-8

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Start time: 09:15

Location: Splaiul Peneș Curcanul no. 1

HALF start location link:


Exiting the water at the end of the swim event

The exit from the water is 160m from the entrance to the transition, on an inclined plane followed by stairs, where the competitors benefit from help from volunteers.

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Transition zone


Location: Vasile Pârvan Boulevard no. 5 (alternatively West University)

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The transition is the same for changing from swimming to cycling or from cycling to running.

Competitors can park their cars in the UVT parking lot opposite the transition. Access to the parking lot is based on the competition number.

CAREFUL!!! Car access to the transition/parking area is closed starting at 07:00. Competitors can enter the perimeter based on the competition number.

At 07:50 car access will be prohibited to any vehicles, including those of the competitors.

The transition opens for all races at 06:30 and closes for competitors in the SPRINT race at 07:10 and for those in the OLYMPIC race at 07:40 and HALF at 07:50.

Bicycles and transition equipment are picked up between 14:00 and 18:00, based on race numbers.


Finish zone

Location: Freedom Square

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